27 February 2016


Colchester Big Choice; Wivenhoe Repair Reuse Recycle, please vote for us; #BigChoice

23 February 2016

Wivenhoe Repair Reuse Recycle Enterprise cic's profile photoLast year I noticed there was an increasing amount of unwanted household goods going to landfill. So I decided to start a new enterprise to tackle the challenge...
My idea was pretty simple. Use my skills to help local residents repair and recycle their household items. Preventing them going to landfill, saving everyone money while protecting our environment...
Needless to say, I jumped at the chance!
In addition to saving money and the environment, my aim is to help train local people to repair things for themselves.
I'll be running regular open cafe style workshops at the Wivenhoe Library every Thursday 5:30 - 7pm, where residents can learn to fix things properly for themselves. I also hope to run a programme of training and employment opportunities for those who want to build their confidence, develop new skills or get back themselves into work.
We are pleased to announce we have been short listed on Colchester Big Choice. Please vote for us by clicking on the link below;
Also you can follow our story and find out more about our project by clicking the link below; https://www.facebook.
Thank you 

10 February 2016

We need your votes please!

Wivenhoe Repair Cafe will be making a pitch at the Wivenhoe soup event on Friday  12th February The Congregational Hall 7:30pm.

Come to the event and please consider voting for the Repair Cafe.

R e p a i r it, d o n't b i n it.  

R e u s e it, d o n't b i n it. 

 R e c y c l e it, d o n't b i n it.