20 September 2014

Wivenhoe Repair


Fix repair reuse don't throw away!

At today's farmers market we repaired;

12v light unit

Panasonic LCD TV

Replaced the zip on a 3ft long tent bag!

Garden rake.

In the process of being repaired;

A dumped Wollsey Major Rotavator

Bosh sander

A deserted Briggs & Stratton mower

We up cycled cutlery and made four coat hangers. 

All of these were sold for a donation. 


Many thanks to Mike who came from Rowhedge to

 help as  a volunteer repairer.


  1. Really useful, great workshop and skillshare - thank you Chris and Mike!! Learnt to repair electrics that I've always thought couldn't be repaired!

  2. Please let us know of future Repair Cafe dates at the Wivenhoe Farmers Market, library or anywhere else. Thanks again