24 December 2014

Bicycle Happy 2015 \o/


Wivenhoe Town Council have accepted our offer on the Store, giving us a lease for 2015!  Thanks go to Essex County Council for funding support with this :-)

So an extra BIG celebration at our Procrastinators Xmas Party on 3rd January - come for a short festive cycle ride starting from the Kitchen (St John's Rd) at 3pm and/or join us there for mulled wine & nibbles 3.30 - 5pm.
Wivenhoe Bike Kitchen

12 October 2014

Repair Café

Fix repair reuse don't throw away!

Date; 18th October

Venue; The Farmers Market

Bring something to

 repair and learn

 how to fix it :)

Clothes, jeans shirts skirts,rips tears etc.

Electrical, small appliances, kettles, hoover

Toys, fix broken wheels, lost screws.

Furniture, Small items only please.

We'd love to hear from you...

For more info; Chris 07799 494 797 or chrisblomeley@gmail.com

20 September 2014

Wivenhoe Repair


Fix repair reuse don't throw away!

At today's farmers market we repaired;

12v light unit

Panasonic LCD TV

Replaced the zip on a 3ft long tent bag!

Garden rake.

In the process of being repaired;

A dumped Wollsey Major Rotavator

Bosh sander

A deserted Briggs & Stratton mower

We up cycled cutlery and made four coat hangers. 

All of these were sold for a donation. 


Many thanks to Mike who came from Rowhedge to

 help as  a volunteer repairer.

16 September 2014

Fix, reuse, repair don't throw away!

On Saturday 20th Sept its time for

Repair Café

                  9:30-12:30 At The Farmers Market

So what are you waiting for;


find something broken torn or damaged and 

learn how to fix it :)

Clothes, jeans shirts skirts,rips tears etc.

Electrical, computers, small appliances, kettles,

hoovers. Toys, fix broken wheels, lost screws.

Furniture, Small items only please.

What a sight! A thing of beauty.

I took this photo today at the wild life garden. My 3yr old son Danny was amazed at this dancing fairy like creature as it laid its eggs on the edges of the Wivenhoe wild life pond.

As I was taking this photo my mind wondered back to the first time I met Johnny, (February 2012) we were the first two on sight and began hacking back the twisted stumps. Thank you for your inspiration Johnny...

And thank you to everyone who has been involved in the creation of this special place and made it possible for my son to enjoy this moment with his dad.

2 September 2014


Fix, reuse, repair don't throw away!

Repair Café

Fix repair reuse don't throw away!

Date; 20th September

Venue; The Farmers Market

Bring something to


and learn how to

 fix it :)

Clothes, jeans shirts skirts,rips tears etc.
Electrical, small appliances, kettles, hoover
Toys, fix broken wheels, lost screws.
Furniture, Small items only please.

We'd love to hear from you...

For more info; Chris Blomeley 07799 494 797 or 

16 August 2014

Fix, repair reuse, don't throw away!

Repair Café

Needs volunteer repairers

Do you have the skills to help others repair their household items if so, could you give your time, tools or materials and volunteer once per month at the Wivenhoe Farmers Market?

If you can repair;
  • Clothes, rips tears and zips etc.
  • Small electrical appliances.
  • Fix broken toys.
  • Small items of furniture

We'd love to hear from you...

For more info; Chris Blomeley 07799 494 797 or chrisblomeley@gmail.com

27 July 2014

Plot the Revolution!

Maybe you can't send 'em up chimneys any more but no one said anything about water butts...

We're keen to exploit adult help too on the community allotment, so if you fancy learning how to grow organic veg we have an open session first Sunday every month 2pm to 4pm - if you like it then come more often. Easy.
3rd August there'll be Kelly Kettle tea, home made cake.. oh and a spot of weeding and sowing - no experience needed, we share the learning together, and the food :)

Get in touch if you want to find out more or need directions. Plot no. 1 at the Wiv allotment site.
hello[at]transitionwivenhoe.org.uk  827649

8 July 2014

Beginners Bike Maintenance

Come and learn how to look after your bike - brakes, gears, punctures, cleaning & oiling... all the basics.

Friendly people + tea. 

Sunday 13th or 27th July, 2pm to 5pm.

@ The Bike Kitchen, St John's Rd, Wivenhoe

£5 p/place, please book: 07926 463568 jowheatley[at]yahoo.co.uk

14 June 2014

Midsummer Fete Workshops, Talks & Stalls

The sustainable living area includes TTW Cafe - local lunch & cakes; also workshops, talks and stalls (times/content may change)

Workshop Tent

12.30 Chi Kung - Dave Allen
1.30 Passport in the tongue: Language testing of asylum seekers - talk by Peter L Patrick
2.30 SingWiv - Chris Rowbury
3.30 Growers Question Time - local experts
4.30 Drumming - Chris Fox
5.30  Kirtan singing - Sarah McCaskey

Talking Tree

1.00 Bugs and forest school - Nathan and Tracey
2.00 What is permaculture?  Bob Mehew
3.00 Bees - Chris Blomeley
4.00 Hypnotherapy - Alan Van Loen
5.00 Gardening for Wildlife - Shirley Boyle

Stalls include bicycle fun, veg & plants, health and healing.

18 May 2014

6 May 2014

Bike Kitchen hots up!

Yesterday's bank hol session was busy mostly showing people how to fix gearing problems and slipped chains.
As well as every Monday in May, there'll be extra drop in sessions on Sundays 11th and 25th between 2 and 5pm.
Sarah and Greg learn how to fix a new cable to the front derailleur cage, ready for doing the Tour de Tendring next weekend, good luck both of you.

Donations for this service help with our rent and other costs.
Bike Kitchen is open to everyone! We're at the junction of The Folly and St John's Rd.

BK is run entirely by volunteers :)

18 April 2014

Wild About Wivenhoe GRAND LAUNCH!!!


Wivenhoe's festival of Wildlife

A Wild Night of Food and Film

Friday 25th April 7.30pm All Welcome

Wildlife/Jubilee Garden, nr the Scout & Guide Hall, High St. 

Fire Pit Meal - butterflied lamb wraps or roast veg and noodles, £3.50 each

Bar - including local ales

8:30pm Outdoor Cycle Cinema - Project Wild Thing
bring your own chair and torch! 

Wild About Wivenhoe is a partnership between Wivenhoe Watching Wildlife, Transition Town Wivenhoe, Wivenhoe Town Council and Wivenhoe Library. 

10 April 2014

Years of Living Dangerously

Obviously I'm pretty dissapointed that Harrison Ford has forgotten his hat, but otherwise Years of Living Dangerously (US TV meets climate change) is surprisingly good. Also just surprising. I'm feeling pretty lucky that Wivenhoe has escaped effects from climate change so far... It seems others haven't been so fortunate.

6 April 2014

Down on the allotment today...

Our community plot, no 1, is right on the  SW corner of the allotments site, next to the footpath, so we have lots of great chats with passers by.

Rhubarb in the foreground
Some fading daffs.
A gooseberry bush, with other fruit bushes hidden by phacelia - a green manure with fantastic purple bee attracting flowers yet to come.

T'other side of the shed, the lovely new pond where for the first time I saw a great big fat frog today.

The pond plants are thriving...got
another water butt fixed up today.
Join in on the first Sunday of the month 2pm to 4pm or get in touch.
No experience needed, we're all learning together :)

Getting connected!

The future has arrived.  From here on all blog posts should automatically be posted to Twitter and Facebook. 

Viva la transition revolution!

25 March 2014

Mechanic Mondays starting 24th March 2014

The first Mechanic Monday at the new Bike Kitchen was marvellous! Several people dropped in to work on their bikes - Jay patiently showed how to oil a chain properly, realign a wonky mud guard, adjust gears so they run smoothly, and a couple of people even got to true their wheels! 

We're running sessions every Monday 7 to 9pm. It's free, but donations will help with running costs.

It's just off St John's Rd, next to the new canoe racks.

23 March 2014

Spring Gardening

We will be doing a bit of spring cleaning in the wildlife garden on Sunday 6th April from 10am till 13:30.  It is a good chance to get out and enjoy the garden with friends while we make sure it looks amazing for the up-coming Wild About Wivenhoe events at the end of April.

The pond is becoming established and is full of newly hatched tadpoles.  So bring the kids down to have a look at them.  If anyone has some pond weed that they can add to the pond that would really help, but remember to wash them first to remove any duckweed!

If you are interested in coming along but not sure what to bring or where to go please get in touch with me:


Mob: 07910 205 179

John Rowland

3 March 2014

First seeds at the Allotment

When did that happen - it's March all of a sudden! With the sleep still in their eyes, Team Transition Wivenhoe peeks out of their hibernation cave and notices that it's time to sow the first seeds at the allotment. Get to it!
Linda clears a bed, ready for something new.

Maureen sows seeds
Boil 'em, mash 'em, stick 'em in a stew ~ po-ta-toes
You can come and help Transition Wivenhoe (and have a share of any harvest) on Plot #1 at the Wiv Allotments on the first Sunday of the month between 2pm and 4pm. Email for details.