7 November 2013

Compost Recipe

compostees at TTW's community allotment
Ingredients - layers or a mixture of:

'Green' stuff: fresh weeds, old veg/veg peelings, tea bags, egg shells, a few grass clippings.

'Brown' stuff: dried plants & woody material, scrunched up non shiny cardboard.

Optional extras: nettles, comfrey leaves, urine, chicken poo, a little wood ash. 
Your compost likes plenty of air and to be nicely moist, not too wet or dry. 
 Either build a heap and forget about it, other than to turn it occasionally and check it's not too wet or dry.
Or regularly turn: re-layering, & moistening if dry or adding brown stuff if wet

It's ready when transformed into brown crumbly soil like matter, anything from a few months to a year.

Here's lots more good advice.
For compost geeks: how to make it in 18 days

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