8 July 2013

And here they are...

After a few false starts I finally manage to pluck up the courage and prepared the bees for a journey to Bennisons farm in my car.
When I arrived at the farm the good weather was beginning to break and summer was here, good for the bees. I sited the hive in a slightly exposed area and left them to settle in. The next day an early start at work meant I had an even earlier start with the bees 05:45. When I released the bees it was a sight to see, they poured out of the hive to investigate their new surroundings. I left the bees to do just that and I went off to work. All day I was worrying about the bees, my fear was the bees would swarm and I would loose them.

To my delight the bees have decided to stay and help pollinate the fruit trees and alike. So we now have bees on the farm, phew!

If anyone would like to get involved with the bees please get in touch I would very much like to share my interest with you.

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