5 June 2013

What's been happening on the allotment?

Just in case you have been worrying about what is going on down on the allotment.........

The shed!
Repaired, new guttering and two,
yes two water butts!

The shed is going to be painted over the next couple of weeks so will look even smarter.
  Here is the lovely Laura weeding the garlic bed, no worries about vampires!

 The fruit bushes are growing at an amazing rate, apparently they will have to be kept pruned to get the best out of them.  I'm guessing jam may be on the menu later on in the year.

A big thank you to all the kind people who donated gardening tools, among them Bob and Jay.

This is the first time I have uploaded photos so lets hope it all works, it's all beyond me
Just need to learn how to get the words to go in the place I want them too.

1 comment:

  1. wow - looks great allotmenteers - especially the guttering! Love it. All the best. May the angels of natural-pest-prevention be with you xxx