25 June 2013

The Wildlife Garden

Bumblebee enjoying a feed
I recently attended a luncheon given as a thank you to all involved with Wivenhoe Open Gardens.  It was nice to meet others involved and the feedback was very positive for the Wildlife Garden.  Since Open Gardens Chris Gibson held a Moth Trapping evening to see what species have been attracted by the various flowers and shrubs as well as the fresh water from the pond.  Even with the poor weather many species were found to be using the garden.  Over time we hope to attract even more.
I have been over a few times keeping an eye on things over the last month.  Caroline helped by removing all the flowers from the crab apples.  This will allow the new trees to put their energy into producing roots which will mean better fruits in years to come.  The pond is now full of life.  Even the bees were using it for a drink in between gorging themselves on the nectar from the beautiful flowers blooming around the garden.
removing flowers from the crab apple

The flowers have done very well, particularly the Aquilegia, Campion, ox-eye daisies and yellow chamomile, but so have the weeds too!  We will be holding an event on the 20th of July as part of the WivKids event on the KGV field. It would be nice to revitalise the garden with a bit of weeding and cutting back some of the flowers so we get a second bloom.  Come and join us for a work session on Sunday 7th July at 10am till 1.30pm and afterwards we will pop down for a well earned drink on the river front.  The garden is a lovely space to spend a Sunday morning with friends!
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