13 June 2013

One Chicken Share Now Available!! - NOW TAKEN

This share is now taken - but we may have more coming up so please do get in touch if you want to be called when they become available! [Rosie 07818 598 884]. Thanks.

Community Chicken Shed: One 'chicken share' now available!

We have 11 beautiful, healthy, character-full birds. 

... who lay around one egg per day each. 

The share involves: 
- taking on either one half day or one day per week involvement (option is to take a half day or a full day's commitment) 
- on that day you will be responsible for the chickens' welfare. 
- ensuring they have water, food.
- letting out in the morning and/or closing up at night (either or both, depending on what you want) 

In return you get fresh eggs and the enjoyment of being part of the project. 

The share is available to start immediately. It's a rare opportunity to be involved with the Chicken 100 Project. Since we started a year ago we've had no new vacancies come up but lots of requests from people to be involved. So if you were one of those people, or if you fancy giving it a go, now's your chance!

Full support and training will be provided, plus 'mentoring' for the initial few weeks so you feel confident and happy. And if it doesn't work for you, of course you can withdraw. 

Please contact Rosie directly on rosieharford@hotmail.com or 07818-598-884 for more info or to arrange a 'trial visit' :) 


Background Info: The Community Chicken Shed is proud to bring you fresh and delicious eggs, courtesy of our small flock. The chicken shed is a community project, with many different people involved in looking after them and ensuring their welfare. The aim of the project was not only to produce eggs, but to learn about chicken-keeping and then to act as a repository of that knowledge for the community. That way, if someone is interested in keeping birds in Wivenhoe, and wants to chat over the pros and cons (there are some - we'll be honest!) then we are available to assist. 'Transition' as a movement encourages this sort of knowledge-sharing and cooperation, so please do email if you want to get involved with this flock, or are thinking of starting your own, and we can help.

Eggs are available every day and will usually go out in the mornings. They are labelled with the date of lay, so you can be sure they're fresh. The above picture shows the little 'egg-house' where they're kept, with the box for donations in the background (suggested donation between 10-20p per egg)

p.s. In case you don't know already, the chicken-shed is the big coop in The Station pub's car park.

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  1. This Chicken Share is now TAKEN. We will have more coming up so please get in touch to be on the waiting list. Thank you.