11 June 2013

Clean 'n' Lube Bike Kitchen: Sat June 15th

"... Just cycled back from the Bike Kitchen on my re-vitalised mountain bike, all the clicking and clanking replaced by a smooth purr. Not only is my bike working better than ever but I've learned how to keep it that way too" ~ Daryl

This Saturday at 3:00pm Bike Kitchen will cover cleaning and lubing your bike - what to clean, where to put oil and where not and how to do it all quickly and easily. It's a friendly workshop with tea and cake and suitable for different ages and all sorts of skill levels.


  1. Thanks for the amazing tea and cake Jo... and of course Jason's valuable lesson in chain lubing! I hope to see you at the next session on 6 July.

    1. You are very welcome Janine - thank you for taking the chance and just coming along, and for your tasty food contributions too :) We hope to see you at the next one.

  2. Really looking forward to the next session - my bicycle wheel has a puncture :( *weeps* so I need some help! Yep - I never properly learned how to fix one *embarrassed* hehe. Can't wait to find out! Wondering if I need to bring along the right size inner tube or something?? I think the tube is shot in many many places... too bad to fix... plus it is over 10 years old... Jay can you let me know? xx