1 May 2013

Wildlife Garden Grand Opening!!

The pond is fast filling with rainwater, providing a much needed fresh water habitat for all sorts of species. It is hoped that local primary school children will be able to use the pond to study the aquatic wildlife that will soon be living out their interesting lives under the murky waters.  On Saturday 20th April a group of young children from Wivenhoe Montessori helped sow seeds for the mini wildflower meadow.  It was a beautifully sunny spring day.  The children loved sprinkling the carefully selected wildflower seeds then stomping the ground to bed them in. It was wonderful to watch families enjoying the garden, and children interacting with the natural world.  
 The grand opening will take place on May 18th during the Wivenhoe Open Gardens event, with activities such as the nature trail and building bird nest boxes.  You will also have the chance to talk to one of the local experts who can give advice on attracting wildlife into your own garden.

While working in the garden we have seen stag beetles, frogs and toads, and lots of birdlife.  What we would like to do is monitor the wildlife in the area as more habitats are created. If you are interested, maybe you would like to become a Wivenhoe Wildlife Warden? We are looking for passionate people to help look after the space.  If this is you,  please contact us via hello-food@transitionwivenhoe.org.uk  We are also looking for local artists that might want to create something in the garden.

If you haven’t been already, come down and experience the garden for yourself.  It is a beautiful relaxing environment for everyone to enjoy.  

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