8 May 2013

 There is a chance for you to feel the Buzz in TTW.

Friends forgive me its been many months since my last Blog... 

I've been hatching a new scheme!

 Bee Hives have been dotted around Wivenhoe for many years, its a bit of a secret affair and I'm wanting to share the experience of my new hives with you...

Meg and Dan from the CSA have agreed to site a hive or two on their farm. Over the next 12 months I would like to share/blog my bee journey with you, if you would like to know more about setting up a TTW bee project please get in touch or stay at home and watch the progress of this new venture. Incidently I have joined the Essex Bee Keepers Association and have a very thick bee suit! Contact me, chrisblomeley@gmail.com.


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