9 May 2013

Before I was able to get to this stage I spent 2 months in a classroom theorising about bees. The best book to use I was told was Ted Hoopers book on Bees and Honey (very helpful) I've had it on loan from the Wivenhoe library ever since!

My first encounter with a hive was with a senior member of the Essex Bee Keepers Association (top guy) I have to say the experience of opening a hive and holding a frame which was full of bees was almost profound, totally magical. The bees were placid and went about their business ignoring my presence, truly amazing. We made an interesting discovery of a  'wax moth grub' on the frame which was duly removed. Weather permitting I hope to re-visit the hive this week.

Being so enthused I have ordered my first hive and will use this to help me to build my own.

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