29 April 2013

Eat, drink, be merry (and meet)

Looking forward to the next Transition Town Wivenhoe Food Group meeting which I am hosting (I think for the first time) this Wednesday.
Food group meetings are very relaxed affairs, we always have something to eat - usually soup plus whatever else the host or others fancy making/bringing. It is friendly and chatty - sticking to the agenda is something of a challenge but we do usually stick to time! And we are a very open group with new members coming along most months.
We aim to promote the knowledge and use of local food and cover any aspects of local food production, promotion and most definitely consumption that arise and are of interest to whoever is there.
There is always a lot to discuss, with the agenda set at the beginning of meetings, and tasks shared out. This month we'll be planning the Open Gardens events on 18th and 19th May in the Station Garden (both days, focus on Sunday) and the Wildlife Garden (grand opening and activities on Saturday), updating on the regular and increasingly popular Farmers Market, featuring transition cafe and barbecue rolls. We also will discuss the allotment, community chickens, apple pressing and pop-up cafe there will be some I've forgotten, and new ideas arise all the time.
If anyone has ideas or energy they want to contribute, or just wants to come along and join in, then they would be really welcome.

TTW Food Group will  be held this month on Wed 1st May, 7.30pm at 3 Sandford Close, off Valley Road, CO7 9NP - all welcome, call Ruth on 825450 for more details.

26 April 2013

Station Garden Update

Spring seems finally to be upon us and things have started growing with gusto in the Station Garden. Unfortunately a good proportion of them are weeds!

Jean, Nadia and I met at the garden for a spot of weeding and general tidying up on 14 April. It was good to see several things sprouting up aside from weeds. A plethora of forget-me-nots are covering many parts of the garden. Other than where they were interfering with other plants, we left these because they look very pretty. The flowers are edible and can be used to garnish salads (or cocktails!)

Chard and perpetual spinach have been growing apace, although the leaves looked a bit tough for culinary use. Nadia cut them back for composting. Hopefully they will now grow some tender young leaves that we can harvest on a cut and come again basis throughout the summer. What appears to be a purple sprouting broccoli plant (did anyone plant one last year?) has also survived the winter.

Other randoms include some peas that have self-seeded. I've stuck in some of the dried out fennel from last year as makeshift canes for them to climb up. Other plants doing well include onions and garlic, wild strawberries, gooseberry bushes, and many herbs (sage, rosemary, oregano, marjoram, lemon balm, and bay and parsley in pots).

More planting is waiting to be done. Tomato and basil seedlings are maturing in the plastic greenhouse at the garden, and I'm popping down most evenings to water these and the plants in pots. I have dwarf beans, courgettes and summer squash coming on in my mini nursery at home, some of which will be planted out in the garden.

6 May is the 150th anniversary of Wivenhoe station and celebrations have been organised by the lovely Off The Rails from 12 noon. Many people are expected to visit the Station to view the unveiling of a commemorative plaque, an exhibition of photography and other artworks, and there will be stalls, kids activities and fun in the car park of the Station pub. The garden will be open to visitors from 12-2; come and have a chat with us and see what we're doing there.


18 April 2013

Thin Ice

Thin Ice Trailer from Thin Ice Climate on Vimeo.

Slack Space is hosting a special Earth Day screening of Thin Ice (trailer above) from 7:30pm on Monday, April 22nd. I'm looking forward to this one.

Movie details from the Thin Ice website.