2 March 2013

Wildlife Garden March work sessions. All Welcome!

Winter is nearly over and there are already signs of Spring all around.  It was lovely working in the Wildlife Garden in rays of warm sunshine today.  There is still a lot to do but the newly dug hole ready for the pond and small primrose flowers in bloom gave me hope for the Easter finishing date.  

photo Frances Belsham
It is going to be a push to get everything done in time so we need everyone that can spare some time to come and join us, even if you can only spend an hour, or to provide moral support or a flask of hot drinks!  
I will be there on Sat 9th (1pm to 5pm), Sunday 17th and 24th March (11am to 1:30pm). 

  • weeding, some light  weeding round the areas already turned over ; some heavy weeding in un-touched areas
  • digging the edges of the pond and getting the level right
  • tidying up some of the cut branches
  • sawing some of the felled trees to use as edges to the path
  • preparing the path
  • once the pond is levelled, removing stones and lining the ground with carpet

Tools:  Some tools can be provided but it would be handy if you could bring your own gloves and spade or folk if you can.
There will be a big weekend arranged for some time in the school Easter Holidays when we would like as many people as possible to come and do the finishing touches. Date to be confirmed.  

photo Frances Belsham

Local photographer, Frances Belsham, took some lovely pictures of the flora and fauna in the garden, including some of us at work.  We are very privileged to have a local artist putting our efforts onto film.  
Hopefully the images will inspire more to come and experience our local nature for themselves.  It is really going to look amazing once completed so come down and be a part of it.  It would be fantastic to see you there!!

[the garden is adjacent to the KGV field, behind the town council office]

Johnny Rowland
07910 205 179


  1. We got some good ground work done this weekend. Hopefully we will have the pond liner for this coming Sunday. There is still a bit of digging to be done before the pond is ready for putting in the liner and it will take a good few pairs of hands to lay it down!! Looking forward to seeing you there for this momentous occasion!!

  2. If anyone is tidying up their gardens at the moment and thinning out some of their plants, think of us in the wildlife garden. Any plants that are good for wildlife would be much appreciated. Just drop them by on one of the working parties!

  3. The pond liner has arrived! {:~)
    Now we just need to finish preparing the hole tomorrow so we can start collecting this rain!!