30 March 2013

things starting to happen at the allotment!

Just when I thought life couldn't get any more exciting I turned the page over in my diary and there it was..... allotment meeting!

Hosted once again by the lovely Maureen - htea and cakes all round.

All the vegtables have now been adopted by one person or another, taking responsibilty from planting to harvesting. I feel social services could replicate our way of working as 'best practice'

We are the proud owners of new guttering, fixings, downpipes and two, yes two water butts. All kindly donated by Ed.  Thank you Ed. This will now allow us to bring the allotment shed up to scratch.

Due to the rather cold weather it was decided to start off some of the seeds indoors and several people were kind enough to take seeds and pots home. So as you read this life is beginning in pots all across Wivenhoe.

My contribution is to make posters asking for any garden tools people may not need any more. So if you have a spade, a bucket, a rake, or any other garden tools please let me know.

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