1 February 2013

Station Garden Vacancy!

Would you like to grow your own fruit/veg?

Over the past 3 years we have been using the Station Garden to show how a small plot can be used productively to grow all sorts of edible plants, and still look attractive. However the current group can no longer commit to regular watering, tidying and picking of produce during the summer months. 

So we are looking for someone/a family/a group who would like to take it over. This would be ideal if you want a small plot to grow some food for yourselves, even if you can only commit to this year to give it a go. We have plenty of experienced growers only too willing to give you a hand with advice and practical help.

So please contact us if you are interested – even if you are on your own and do not want to take total responsibility. We will be very happy to talk it through with you before you commit yourselves.

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