10 February 2013

Transition allotment team is GO!

Transition Town Wivenhoe is delighted to finally get a plot at the Rectory Road allotments! After several years on the waiting list, which is quite normal for the very popular site.

Having inherited the plot during Winter, the group of growers has focussed themselves on planning, conditioning the soil and building up really good beds ready for planting in Spring.

In a piece of serendipitous timing, the group has teamed up with local Permaculture student Bob (aka Beardy Bob") to use the allotment as a case-study. Bob is doing his permaculture Diploma and the group has welcomed his input. Perfect! 

In another lovely piece of symbiosis, the allotment is now receiving the bulk of the waste from the TTW Chicken Co-op project! Chicken-droppings are highly nutritious, in soil terms, and the droppings - combined with their hemp/flax bedding material - makes an excellent addition to the allotment compost heap as a 'compost activator', containing heaps of enzymes and the 'magical NPK' mix. Completing the Circle of Life theme, the chickens will also be eating much of the vegetable stalks, scraps and leftover bits from the allotment crops in Summer. Nice!

The group met recently to brainstorm their planting plan (see the picture below for bright post-it planning!) and to decide how best to use the space. They were fortunate to inherit some wonderful plants from the previous 'owner' of the plot, including asparagus, strawberries, raspberries and a Gojiberry bush! One of those trendy new 'super-foods'. Thank you, if that was you.

In addition, the group is adding some onions, garlic, spinach, chard, cabbage, kale, beans, carrots and herbs. Plus some Marigolds and Nasturtiums as companion plants for aiding natural pest-control. In accordance with permaculture ideas, they are leaving two beds fallow; planting them with a rich soil-enhancing mix of Clover.

Below a pic of the initial brainstorm-planting-plan. More pics to follow in future posts! 

For more info on Permaculture see here

3 February 2013

Green Growth: Foundations and Challenges

While TTW is in the mood for all things economic, we thought we'd pass on news that the brainy eco-bunnies at Essex University are hosting a seminar Green Growth: Foundations and Challenges in burrow TC1.10 on Feb 12th, from 2pm - 4pm with guest bunny Dr Diego Vazques from the University of London.

Dr Diego working hard on his latest book, Green Growth: Managing the Transition Towards a Sustainable Economy
It's free and open to all, but you do need to book by clicking here.

We're going.

You can also download the poster for our very own economy workshop on Feb 10th

1 February 2013

Station Garden Vacancy!

Would you like to grow your own fruit/veg?

Over the past 3 years we have been using the Station Garden to show how a small plot can be used productively to grow all sorts of edible plants, and still look attractive. However the current group can no longer commit to regular watering, tidying and picking of produce during the summer months. 

So we are looking for someone/a family/a group who would like to take it over. This would be ideal if you want a small plot to grow some food for yourselves, even if you can only commit to this year to give it a go. We have plenty of experienced growers only too willing to give you a hand with advice and practical help.

So please contact us if you are interested – even if you are on your own and do not want to take total responsibility. We will be very happy to talk it through with you before you commit yourselves.