6 January 2013

TTW Bike Kitchen #1

 Wivenhoe Bike Kitchen's first guinea-pigs demonstrate the proper way to use reflective trouser clips

Hooray! We've done our very first Bike Kitchen - a community workshop where you can bring your own bike, borrow the proper tools, and learn how it ticks under the watchful eye of an experienced bike mechanic. There was also cake.

We looked at the 4 simple tweaks that will turn almost any bike from an uphill battle into a purring, whirring and graceful carriage of effortless mechanical perfection.

Actually, we only looked at 3.5 of them and then ran out of time. But we're doing it again next Saturday, and will book the venue for an additional half hour to make sure we can cover absolutely everything.

Live and learn...

The next bike kitchen is Saturday , January 12th at 2pm in the Scout Hut and lasts for 2 (and a half) hours and it's free (any donations will help pay for the hall).
(RSVP: bike-kitchen [at] transitionwivenhoe.org.uk)

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