19 January 2013

Transition Wivenhoe fixes the economy \o/

Richard Heinberg (who he?) describes Transition Towns as a replicable strategy for harnessing local talents, vision and goodwill. Which sounds about right to me. So what happens if you harness local talent, vision and goodwill and point them in the general direction of the local economy?

More social enterprises? Credit Unions? Skill sharing? Harnessing community buying power? A local currency? Co-ops? More fairness? A Wivenhoe Businesses' loyalty card scheme?

Only one way to find out. We're hosting a free public workshop entitled 'How can we create a more vibrant and sustainable economy for Wivenhoe?' on Sunday, Feb 10th at the British Legion Hall (downstairs), starts 3pm. All are welcome.

Be there or be laissez-faire ;)

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