29 October 2012

Wivenhoe Wildlife Garden - work progressing well!

Work on the site of what will be the 'Wivenhoe Wildlife Garden' continued with another successful working party during October. We were blessed with glorious weather again, so much so that after we'd finished digging and clearing, some of us went to the Rose & Crown on the waterfront for lunch. Perfect.

Having a coffee break 

Some amazing mushrooms could be seen. Johnny brought his trusty fungus-encyclopaedia and we ID'd the ones we found. I thought these pink fleshy ones were particularly pretty (as I recall, possibly poisonous).

The next working party will be November 11th from 10 - 1.30pm. All Welcome (onlookers as well as gardeners - no skill, fitness, experience or tools required :)

The site is behind the Scout Hut next to the big King George V playing fields - the large green park/fields off the High Street. The Wildlife Garden is supported by Wivenhoe Town Council as part of the 2012 Jubilee Garden. Volunteers have come from the Wivenhoe and surrounding communities (especially Elmstead - thank you Jean and Al!)

18 October 2012

Some pictures from the wonderful Barn Dance!

The local brew flowed, the band played and Wivenhoe got up and danced. What can I say? It was the most fun I've had in ages. Ok, so maybe I should get out more, but honestly, if you weren't there - make sure you are next year. You rarely see adults having so much fun with virtual strangers, and all pretty soberly (the dancing seems to sober you up..) and with kids of all ages in the mix too. Brilliant. Thanks to all the organisers and participants, I hope we can organise it again for 2013.

p.s. I'm going to put up more pics on the TTW Facebook page, if you're interested. They're mostly a blur tho - quite hard to take pics of dancing!

16 October 2012

Bicycle Repairman II - Farmers' Market, Sat 20th Oct

We were swamped with bicycles last month, so Transition Wivenhoe's fantastic Bicycle Repairmen are back at the Farmers' Market on Saturday 20th October offering free bicycle checks and a tune ups from 9am to 12pm.

Don't forget Transition Cafe & BBQ also at the Farmers' Market - serving hot and cold drinks and freshly made Wivenhoe rolls filled with bacon and other goodies from the market stalls.

Community Chicken Shed: Eggs Available!

Chickens feasting on the seed-packed heads of sunflowers from the Wildlife Garden

This is the box you can get your eggs from - and a small (round white) ball to put any donations in.

The Community Chicken Shed is proud to bring you fresh and delicious eggs, courtesy of our small flock. The chicken shed is a community project, with many different people involved in looking after them and ensuring their welfare. The aim of the project was not only to produce eggs, but to learn about chicken-keeping and then to act as a repository of that knowledge for the community. That way, if someone is interested in keeping birds in Wivenhoe, and wants to chat over the pros and cons (there are some - we'll be honest!) then we are available to assist. 'Transition' as a movement encourages this sort of knowledge-sharing and cooperation, so please do email if you want to get involved with this flock, or are thinking of starting your own, and we can help.

Eggs are available every day and will usually go out in the mornings. They are labelled with the date of lay, so you can be sure they're fresh. The above picture shows the little 'egg-house' where they're kept, with the box for donations in the background (suggested donation between 10-20p per egg)

Enquiries to: hello-chickens@transitionwivenhoe.org.uk

p.s. In case you don't know already, the chicken-shed is the big coop in The Station pub's car park.