2 August 2012

First share of the Harvest and what a share!

2nd August 2012
I collected my first share of vegetables yesterday, delivered to the Wivenhoe drop off point by Meg from Bennison Farm, where she and Danny have been growing food only since Spring this year and organising their 'Community Supported Agriculture' scheme.

And what a glorious, fresh, beautiful bag of veg it is. And, most importantly, supremely tasty! Hats off to them, and huge thanks.

My £7 a week 'small share' in the farm gave me lettuce, potatoes, broad beans, rainbow chard, bulb fennel, French beans, a cute wee cauliflower, bunch of parsley, courgettes, pointy cabbage, beetroot and broccoli!

There are still shares available for this year, so anyone interested should contact Meg and Danny to find out more  bennisonfarm[at]gmail.com

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