14 June 2012

Wivenhoe Social Enterprise Scheme

I estimate the cost/investment will be around £50.00 each if six people are involved;

a shed/coup £75
netting £60 new or less if found on free cycle etc...
feed and water dispensers £40
twelve chickens £120 based on the cost I paid for mine

So now its time for 'buy in' pls and share the initial cost of the shed from 6 individuals i.e  £12.50 ea payable to Rosie, which is the cost of the shed Rosie purchased for us on ebay £75 :)

As i understand it Ruth, Carol, Clare, Rosie plus two others have already voiced an interest, pls confirm...

Why 6? read on pls...

The plan is based on a permaculture idea and limited space;

So, we have two chickens, each producing one egg per day, the rationale is one of your chickens will provide you with an egg-a-day and the others will be sold to pay for the feed and some pocket money! This is only an idea suggestions are welcome...but I do want to move quickly on this.
I'm proposing the shed is constructed this Sunday around 2pm, we need volunteers and investors to help pls.
Love to all Bish bash bosh


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