3 June 2012

One sunny Friday afternoon
The discrete little spot AKA the Station Garden had something of an international visitor last week in the form of Prof. P Bartlett.

The story began with an email from Essex University to Bob of TTW fame asking if TTW would host for an hour a Professor from the USA! OK, so what would the professor like to see? It was good to hear the perception of the university is that TTW have something special to share regarding the practice and principle of community action.

So Ruth and I organised a brief guided tour. We started at the station garden, introduced the professor (Peggy) to the chickens! Visited the new chicken project, a quick look at the river and then up to the wild life garden returning to the station garden.

Interestingly what we found ourselves talking to Peggy about wasn’t the success of TTW in terms of yield but what had been going on as a result of people coming together, community. It’s that which interested Peggy the most, how communities form from like minded individuals.

I asked Peggy what she felt helps to sustain successful greener communities. I thought she might say something academic about the management of the organisation or structure of dynamics. She went on to say “communities need nurturing through the creation of a heart connection with the land and each other”… “some people are good with their heads some with their hands and some with their hearts or spirits. In this way we can be in love with nature and the world. How we communicate this message to each other is important.”

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