24 June 2012

Bread Glorious Bread!

24 June 2012

Scrumptious loaves made by Laura, Bob and Lynn at a 'Real & Slow' TTW bread making session this afternoon in Wivenhoe.
the proud bread heads

This was a bit of a test run to see what was possible in an afternoon. In between mixing and kneading, proving, shaping and baking we discussed the numerous benefits of 'slower fermentation', the horrors of the average modern loaf full of enzymes and other harmful junk, the sensuous joy of kneading, sourdoughs, making natural leaven and Community Supported Bakeries

I really enjoyed sharing some of the skills I have learned from working at the Slow Dough Bakery. I hope we can find ways to share and spread bread making skills and get local shops selling the real thing too.
Check out the Real Bread Campaign for lots more bread info, recipes, courses...


  1. wow, i am so jealous. they look incredible.
    I'll be looking out for the next course :)

  2. Looks amazing bread-makers! I wonder if it's too hard to do it gluten-free (yeah, probly...gluten is pretty good in bread!) Anyway, looks like great fun and I await more pics of your culinary adventures xx

    1. Hey Rosie, if you have a wheat intolerance/allergy, it's worth looking into sourdough breads, produced by very slow fermentation without added yeast. There seems to be growing evidence that they can be eaten by wheat sensitive folk. It's not so much the wheat that is a problem but the fast processing of modern bread production that seems to be the culprit. Apparently the Irish have high Coeliac rates and eat soda bread, which is not 'fermented' or proved at all. The first part of the article in the link below is interesting, and if you Google 'sourdough and wheat intolerance' you'll find lots more information.
      Hope this helps :)