24 June 2012

Bread Glorious Bread!

24 June 2012

Scrumptious loaves made by Laura, Bob and Lynn at a 'Real & Slow' TTW bread making session this afternoon in Wivenhoe.
the proud bread heads

This was a bit of a test run to see what was possible in an afternoon. In between mixing and kneading, proving, shaping and baking we discussed the numerous benefits of 'slower fermentation', the horrors of the average modern loaf full of enzymes and other harmful junk, the sensuous joy of kneading, sourdoughs, making natural leaven and Community Supported Bakeries

I really enjoyed sharing some of the skills I have learned from working at the Slow Dough Bakery. I hope we can find ways to share and spread bread making skills and get local shops selling the real thing too.
Check out the Real Bread Campaign for lots more bread info, recipes, courses...

21 June 2012

Shared Workday at Bennison farm CSA

photo: Fir0002/Flagstaffotos

It is time to get your hands dirty at the farm!
Bennison Farm CSA is holding its first shared workday on Saturday 23rd June from 10 am until 1pm at the farm. Weather permitting!
The workday task is brassica planting. This does involve sitting/squatting/kneeing so those who need kneeling pads or chairs to rest in will need to provide their own. Also raincoats, work gloves, warm layers and appropriate footwear are to be recommended.
The CSA will be providing hot drinks. Snacks & cake will be bring and share medley! If you fancy making something to share that would be fantastic.
Depending on the weather there may also be a bring and share picnic. This will be confirmed once we have an accurate weather prediction.
It’s an opportunity to see the land which is changing rapidly as each fresh set of plants goes in, meet each other and to officially join the scheme.
We are now asking those who wish to be involved with the project to take out a membership of £24 per year per household with a concessionary rate of £12. The members will be invited to attend social events, farm walks and work parties and will receive regular newsletters and information about the farm. E.g. Weekly veg boxes becoming available from July 2012.
If you are planning on attending it would be ideal if you can join up then and there so having cheque books or cash with you would be a good idea.
Transport: Would those who come please let Meg know how they plan to travel so that we can ensure there is space for all vehicles.
Also the CSA would like to encourage lift sharing wherever possible so if you have a spare seat in your car and you know of people going it would be great to buddy up.
If you’d like to bring your car you are welcome to do so although as we are yet to put a car park in so the parking area is weather dependant.
Public transport: The nearest station to the Farm is Great Bentley Station which is bikeable to and from the farm. It is also not far from the 78 and 76 bus routes. For detailed directions please email Meg.
We do not recommend people to walk from the station to the farm especially if they have children with them as this involves walking along roads with no pavements and some blind bends.
For a map of how to find us please go to our website and click on the  ‘Find us’ button.

All welcome - come along and have a go, meet some people and enjoy.
Best regards
Meg Brooks-Steele and Danny Steele

19 June 2012

Wild Life Garden News! 
I Felt like shouting I found one, I found one!
Ok, so it might not be the first one of the year and you have already seen your first one but this was mine and it was in our wild life garden. I went along as things had been quiet on this project since the May fair. The planted area looks great and I'm looking forward to the next round of activities, maybe it'll be the pond next, can't wait.

14 June 2012

Wivenhoe Social Enterprise Scheme

I estimate the cost/investment will be around £50.00 each if six people are involved;

a shed/coup £75
netting £60 new or less if found on free cycle etc...
feed and water dispensers £40
twelve chickens £120 based on the cost I paid for mine

So now its time for 'buy in' pls and share the initial cost of the shed from 6 individuals i.e  £12.50 ea payable to Rosie, which is the cost of the shed Rosie purchased for us on ebay £75 :)

As i understand it Ruth, Carol, Clare, Rosie plus two others have already voiced an interest, pls confirm...

Why 6? read on pls...

The plan is based on a permaculture idea and limited space;

So, we have two chickens, each producing one egg per day, the rationale is one of your chickens will provide you with an egg-a-day and the others will be sold to pay for the feed and some pocket money! This is only an idea suggestions are welcome...but I do want to move quickly on this.
I'm proposing the shed is constructed this Sunday around 2pm, we need volunteers and investors to help pls.
Love to all Bish bash bosh


3 June 2012

One sunny Friday afternoon
The discrete little spot AKA the Station Garden had something of an international visitor last week in the form of Prof. P Bartlett.

The story began with an email from Essex University to Bob of TTW fame asking if TTW would host for an hour a Professor from the USA! OK, so what would the professor like to see? It was good to hear the perception of the university is that TTW have something special to share regarding the practice and principle of community action.

So Ruth and I organised a brief guided tour. We started at the station garden, introduced the professor (Peggy) to the chickens! Visited the new chicken project, a quick look at the river and then up to the wild life garden returning to the station garden.

Interestingly what we found ourselves talking to Peggy about wasn’t the success of TTW in terms of yield but what had been going on as a result of people coming together, community. It’s that which interested Peggy the most, how communities form from like minded individuals.

I asked Peggy what she felt helps to sustain successful greener communities. I thought she might say something academic about the management of the organisation or structure of dynamics. She went on to say “communities need nurturing through the creation of a heart connection with the land and each other”… “some people are good with their heads some with their hands and some with their hearts or spirits. In this way we can be in love with nature and the world. How we communicate this message to each other is important.”