27 March 2012

Wivenhoe Wildlife Garden - Volunteers Needed Sat 31st March: 10.00 - 15.00

Hello all. Thanks to Carol and Chris for helping with the initial clearing of the wildlife garden on Saturday. We managed to get all the rotten trees down and cleared most of the area which was very important to prevent birds nesting. They will have the other side of the path to nest which we will be keeping as a more wooded area. But nothing will be done in this area until autumn.

The smaller area that we are working on now is going to be a more open garden surrounded by a natural hedge. The above sketch is a very rough outline with initial ideas but nothing final. A circular path around the area and the outside of this path will be left as it is with lots of good plants for wildlife. The inner area is going to be planted up with a wide variety of annual and perennial wildflowers and some shrubs that are beneficial to a wide spectrum of insects.

In order to maximise biodiversity in the area we will need to remove all the perennial plants already growing such as cow parsley and nettles, as well as the very fertile top soil. We could just go through the area with a digger, however, this would probably just cut through the roots leaving root tips behind that would just grow back. The best way to do this is by hand digging out all the deep tap roots. This is where you come in.

We need a task force to come into the garden on Saturday between 10 and 3, armed with garden fork and spade, to dig out the roots. The ground is very soft so this should not be too hard but the more people we have the easier it will be. If you can spare some of your time to take part in this very worthwhile venture then please come down. It would be fantastic to see lots of you there. Even if it is just to give some moral support. I will be able to provide some digging tools but if you have your then bring it with you. If anyone has a wheel barrow it would be really handy if you brought that too. If you have a wheel barrow but cannot attend it would be brilliant if you could lend your barrow to us for the day.

Hope to see you down there! Any enquiries please email me, John Rowland, at:


John Rowland

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