20 March 2012

The chickens have laid, yipee!

I hadn't expected to see any eggs for another few weeks. Last weekend I had found the remains of a soft egg which one of the chickens had laid inside the coop, at this point I was a little worried they were not eating enough grit or calcium. I spoke to someone at Marriages Animal Foods just off Cowdray Avenue, he assured me this was normal for new layers, but just in case I put a little more oyster shell in their feed.
I found the eggs while cleaning the nest box but the chickens had chosen a completely different and somewhat inaccessible spot to lay! Well, I'm really happy, there is no Lion mark on the eggs, the chickens are happy and my carbon footprint is down.
Many thanks to Geoff Lawrence who donated the Encyclopedia of Chickens, this book can be found in the Wivenhoe library with other free TTW media.

1 comment:

  1. It is nice to see chickens about, but does Transition Wivenhoe recommend keeping chickens in such a small coop all the time? It's not a great improvement on battery hens, surely this shouldn't be encouraged?