5 March 2012

Down on the (community) farm....

We had an early view of the land for the proposed Community Supported Agriculture project last week. Clare and I visited the land, just north of the Thorrington level crossing to hear from Danny and Meg about their plans and ideas for the land.

Its a lovely location, somehow, once we stepped onto the land (albeit after risking our very lives walking down the road from the nearest parking space - something they have on the agenda to sort out asap) we immediately felt transported into a different world. The field is fringed by a wood on the far side from the road, and there is a line of trees down the middle, so already, despite limited planting as yet, there is a feeling that here is a space that will feel really pleasant to be and work in.

As yet Danny and Meg haven't fully settled on how to divide up the land, what to plant and where, though there is a plan for one area to be an orchard, and rotational planting around the main part of the field. They are looking for feedback from people who might want to be involved in the Community Farm project about what sort of vegetables people want, what sort of community uses we can imagine.

So come along on Thursday 8th March 7.30pm to William Loveless Hall to find out more and contribute your ideas, questions and enthusiasm.


  1. A really interesting initiative I wish you lots of success

  2. Hey Chris, thank you - it's a really positive move towards increasing local food resilience; and delicious, organically grown local veg are long overdue for this area! We're really lucky Meg and Dan have brought their market gardening experience here and hopefully TTW can support a scheme to develop.