14 March 2012

Chicken 100

The chickens have arrived! Oh boy, I've been so excited about this project. Already I'm beginning to wish I had done things differently. Firstly I should have made my own coop. The one I bought was a little on the small size and my aspiration to keep four Chickens quickly came down to three. The three hens (I hope) I bought are 16 weeks old and they are still growing, they are hybrids and to be honest I just wanted my chickens to lay eggs so fingers crossed for the 20 week period!!
If anyone is interested in keeping chickens and would like to hear how I did it and learn from my mistakes please get in touch via the blog. The chickens we bought can be seen on Station road right next to the station pub, cheers!

1 comment:

  1. So great you've got started Chris - I am really excited about this too, it is a good to have some livestock on station road... good luck with it all