24 November 2011

Local food and forage map

Thanks for everyone’s help over time in compiling the physical map of where fruiting trees and bushes are around Wivenhoe, we’ve finally got everything you’ve contributed onto an online version in googlemaps. You go to this URL: http://g.co/maps/yb3pk and you should be able to see the locations marked on the map.

We now need more helpers to populate it. We would like to add in other trees/bushes, plus people who regularly put out eggs, honey, fruit and veg etc for sale outside houses, then also local suppliers of food and also make a few comments about what's available or other information.

We’ve a few leads and will do an ideas gathering session at the farmers market in December (let me know if you can help out!), but we also want people to either send us addresses and information, or, even better, get involved and add their own markers. So if you’ve a local source you are happy to share, or if you produce something yourself then get in touch: hello-food@transitionwivenhoe.org.uk

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