24 November 2011

Bike trailer heaven

I’ve had a wonderful time trialing the new Transition Wivenhoe Bike Trailers, particularly the kiddie trailer and my son Glyn is a massive fan. He and his friend (both 3 years old) can fit in and travel along the Wivenhoe trail up to university or into town like royalty, waving to passers-by. It has transformed my travel as I can now stow everything somewhere in the trailer (even manage to do a decent sized shop at the Co-op and load it in around Glyn) and set off without feeling like I have to choose between lugging things on the bus while holding a three-year old and going in the dreaded car.
A recent trip up the trail after rain did leave the whole trailer more than a little mud-spattered and Glyn complained about reduced visibility but so far it seems to be working weather-wise and Glyn at least seems to stay dry (unlike his soaked mother).
So why am I smugly discussing this joy? Yes, you can share it too! Transition Wivenhoe is launching our Bike Trailer Lending Library enabling you to borrow a trailer (various types to suit all carrying needs from children to bulky goods) for a trial or occasional use.
Email hello-transport@transitionwivenhoe.org.uk to book a trial go with a trailer and find out more about joining the library.

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