11 October 2011

Apple Day - tomorrow Wed 12th

After the amazing success that we had making apple juice for the barn dance, and given the still over burdened branches on trees around we thought we might have a second apple juicing day.

Maureen's offered to host it from 3- 6.30 tomorrow 12th Oct.
Come along and bring apples (and pears), bottles for juice, and particularly labour and company/moral support for the labourers (and i am sure a few biscuits wouldn't go amiss!)
We'll run a sort of communal approach where you get some of the juice if you help with any of the elements.

Address: 5 The Avenue - next door to former Cedrics site, opposite the Co-op.
Tel: 827935
email Ruth for more information : hello-food@transitionwivenhoe.org.uk

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