14 May 2011

Transition Talk for Wivenhoe Ladies Group

Last Wednesday we had a lovely evening being welcomed (and listened to with great attention) by Wivenhoe Ladies Group

Bob covered the main ideas of transition (including a very light touch coverage of Peak Oil) and we both talked about our motivation and how we came to transition. For me, it was particularly good to be able to emphasise that it isn't just about dealing with a looming problem of the lack of oil, but also about creating a better world – both in the long terms and now. I really want my son to know that vegetables grow in the ground (not on the shelves of the Co-op), that it is possible to get around by foot/bike or whatever, not just by car, and to be part of a community of warm, caring people. We also explained about the projects of the Food and Energy Groups. 

We had a good turn-out of around 20, and got a lot of comments and questions at the end – including what turned into something of a discussion on the by-laws relating to chicken-keeping in some areas of Wivenhoe – anyone able to shed any light on these or whether they are enforced?

Get in touch if you want us to do a talk for your group.


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