17 May 2011

Open gardens preparations - part 2

So preparations continue for the Open Gardens premier of the Station Community Garden (what do people think of this for a name? other ideas very welcome....).
Apart from the continued signpainting, we've also put up a third bean wigwam, but using driftwood gathered from the riverbank (thanks Jo and Jay) which allowed me to harness my mildly artistic side.
The mini scarecrow is also in development, Josh and Glyn enjoyed donating clothes and helping put him together.
So all is nearly ready for this weekend: 21st and 22nd May, make sure you come along and/or sign up to help out and get in touch if you fancy helping get things ready this Friday (20th).

1 comment:

  1. Looked at the garden this morning. Looks really great love the wooden signs and driftwood wigwams, and everything is bursting into life.

    Should the name have Wivenhoe in it: Wivenhoe Station Community Garden