27 March 2011

Home-brew Seed Compost


3 parts sieved well rotted leaf mould
2 parts sharp sand
1 part sieved garden compost

Mix it all together well and use as seed compost, simple!

Leaf mould: save your leaves/your neighbours, just leave in a heap, or wire netting cage or in tied black bin bags with holes to let in air. Takes from 6 month to a year to make leaf mould.

Garden compost: make from all your veg peelings, tea bags, crushed egg shells, garden waste with cardboard or shredded paper to help aerate and keep from getting too wet.

22 March 2011

DIY Bike Power Workshops - 2nd and 9th of April

Every once in a while Transition Wivenhoe wheels out it's revolutionary pedal-powered cinema (you can come see it in action at the May Fair) and puts on a fun event, like when we teamed up with Moiving Image and screened Ghost Busters on Wivenhoe Quay for Halloween.

We reckon we might have built the world's most efficient cinema, we do big screen and big sound to audiences of a few hundred and less using about 100 Watts of energy – about the same as one of those old fashioned light bulbs – so little that it can be powered by a bicycle and a simple renewable energy system.

Bicycle Power is a great introduction to renewable energy, physics, bicycles, electricity, education, appropriate technology and lots more. Find out how to do it at one of our workshops at the Wivenhoe Bookshop Shed on the afternoons of the 2nd and the 9th of April.

Courses are free (but space is limited) run from the 2pm 'till 5pm and will be followed by a fun activity in the evening. On the 2nd we'll show you how to build your own and on the 9th you'll find out how bicycle power can be used to make things (including brains) whizz and whirl at schools, community events and elsewhere.