23 February 2011

FREE films @ The Uni on Thursdays 7pm

Films run by the student environmental society, LTB 9 @ 7pm and OPEN TO ALL. More info environmentEssex@gmail.com
07868 048843
or Facebook: Environment Society - University of Essex

24/02 Escape from Affluenza
A solution based film to escape consumerism and overconsumption.

03/03 Our daily bread
The film looks without commenting at the world of industrial food production and high-tech farming!

10/03 The Cove
A documentary that describes the annual dolphin hunting operationhttp://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Dolphin in a Quasi-National Park at Taiji, Wakayama in Japan.

17/03 We feed the world
A film about food and globalisation, fishermen and farmers, long-distance lorry drivers and high-powered corporate executives.

24/03 Invisible
A portrait that explores the traditional relationship Inuit have to the earth and gently challenges our Western relationship to science and knowledge.

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