14 December 2011

Food Group Meeting - Mon 19th Dec

With a range of amazing food opportunities around at the moment, (keep watching here to find out more) we've decided to revive TTW food group and to have approx monthly meetings at lunch and evening time (alternately to suit everyone).

The first will be an informal lunch, involving anyone interested in local food issues in wivenhoe, all welcome -please feel free to forward.

On Monday, 19th Dec at 1.30 pm, at 3 Sandford close CO7 9NP, off Valley Road which is just down from the co-op. Let me know if you need directions.

Tel 825450

There'll be (seasonal!) soup and mince pies, no need to bring anything but yourselves and ideas. Children welcome - there are plenty of toys here :)

Please email me (hello-food [at] transitionwivenhoe.org.uk) or call if you'd like to come but also if you can't make this meeting but would like to be involved in future get togethers or be kept up to date with plans.


28 November 2011

FREE training event: Volunteering on a Community Allotment

Edible Essex is running a FREE training event “Volunteering on a Community Allotment”. The event will be held at Roundwood Garden Centre, Braintree on Tuesday 6th December.

This FREE event is designed to equip both new and existing volunteers, with the practical skills, knowledge and confidence they need to successfully work on a community allotment plot.

Booking is ESSENTIAL as places are strictly limited and will be allocated on a first come, first served basis. To book a place or to find out more, contact Sophie.Blythe@essexrcc.org.uk

Tel: 01376 574 330 Fax: 01376 573524

24 November 2011

Bike trailer heaven

I’ve had a wonderful time trialing the new Transition Wivenhoe Bike Trailers, particularly the kiddie trailer and my son Glyn is a massive fan. He and his friend (both 3 years old) can fit in and travel along the Wivenhoe trail up to university or into town like royalty, waving to passers-by. It has transformed my travel as I can now stow everything somewhere in the trailer (even manage to do a decent sized shop at the Co-op and load it in around Glyn) and set off without feeling like I have to choose between lugging things on the bus while holding a three-year old and going in the dreaded car.
A recent trip up the trail after rain did leave the whole trailer more than a little mud-spattered and Glyn complained about reduced visibility but so far it seems to be working weather-wise and Glyn at least seems to stay dry (unlike his soaked mother).
So why am I smugly discussing this joy? Yes, you can share it too! Transition Wivenhoe is launching our Bike Trailer Lending Library enabling you to borrow a trailer (various types to suit all carrying needs from children to bulky goods) for a trial or occasional use.
Email hello-transport@transitionwivenhoe.org.uk to book a trial go with a trailer and find out more about joining the library.

Station Garden Clear-up

We have to face the facts, it’s definitely late autumn/winter and it’s time to dig over the garden and mulch it for winter. If you fancy coming along to help out – bring a spade and boots, and/or a flask of hot chocolate or something stronger if you fancy(!) – then turn up on Sun 4th Dec at 3pm-4ish, ideally let us know if you are coming but if you can’t then don’t worry, all VERY welcome. There’s also a rumour that the last, lurking marrow is going to be transformed into a delicious marrow curry later that day (get in touch for more details: hello-food@transitionwivenhoe.org.uk )

And let us know if you want to get involved with planning for next year and joining in, all skills and knowledge levels more than welcome.

Local food and forage map

Thanks for everyone’s help over time in compiling the physical map of where fruiting trees and bushes are around Wivenhoe, we’ve finally got everything you’ve contributed onto an online version in googlemaps. You go to this URL: http://g.co/maps/yb3pk and you should be able to see the locations marked on the map.

We now need more helpers to populate it. We would like to add in other trees/bushes, plus people who regularly put out eggs, honey, fruit and veg etc for sale outside houses, then also local suppliers of food and also make a few comments about what's available or other information.

We’ve a few leads and will do an ideas gathering session at the farmers market in December (let me know if you can help out!), but we also want people to either send us addresses and information, or, even better, get involved and add their own markers. So if you’ve a local source you are happy to share, or if you produce something yourself then get in touch: hello-food@transitionwivenhoe.org.uk

14 November 2011

Uni Film Series Announced.

Here's the list of films to the end of March. They are FREE and All are Welcome! Contact Marie-Louise of the student Environmental Society for more info mmeder[at]essex.ac.uk
Please support the films if you can and help nurture the greening of the university.

There are some really interesting projects developing there - for example a CHP plant (combined heat and power) is in the offing. The Campus Farm is going really well with some great harvests in their first year. Outdoor lighting is being replaced with LEDs... they are really going for it. Keep an eye on the university's  Green Task Force for updates.

30 October 2011

FLOW - 'Can anyone really own water?' @ uni Thur 3rd Nov

The Environmental Society - University of Essex - continues its weekly film series in conjunction with the interdisciplinary Centre for Environment and Society (iCES). This coming Thursday, 3rd of Nov, 6.30pm in room 4.311<http://www.essex.ac.uk/about/campuses/find_your_way/colchester.aspx> we screen FLOW - “Can anyone really own water?”. An award-winning documentary investigation into what experts label the most important political and environmental issue of the 21st Century - The World Water Crisis. The film builds a case against the growing privatization of the world's dwindling fresh water supply with an unflinching focus on politics, pollution, human rights, and the emergence of a domineering world water cartel. http://www.flowthefilm.com/trailer

22 October 2011

An open letter: Please Support Occupy London

Dear Transitioners,

The world’s poorest 2 billion are still the poorest 2 billion, violence and resource wars fueled by our insatiable hunger for diminishing resources like oil and rare earth minerals for consumer gadgets are helping keep them that way. This year saw record ice melt in the Arctic. Despite efforts to decouple CO2 pollution from economic growth, not to mention a global recession, we are currently tracking the IPCC’s worst case emissions scenarios. Improvements to well-being have all but stalled in the world’s largest economies while inequality and resulting social and health problems are booming.

20th Century capitalism alone isn’t helping us address these urgent 21st century issues. Instead of trickling wealth and resources down, we seem to be hoovering it all up. There’s a desperate need for a new economics that delivers shared prosperity at home, helps quickly raise living standards in developing countries and emerging economies and does it all within ecological and planetary limits and boundaries.

To wit, some pesky kids have decided to occupy Madrid, Wall Street and now the City of London. Far from being the trouble making free-loaders some currently seem to think they are, my take is that these predominantly young folk are bucking the trend for apathy and instead championing activism. And where many of us feel paralysed and helpless at the task in front of us, they are actively exploring, embracing and promoting solutions. They deserve our support.

In their first week Occupy London have opened an outdoor kitchen (hygiene certified), a library and hosted free, public talks and workshops from the likes of the New Economics Foundation, The National Institute of Economic and Social Research and Egyptian writer and activist Nawal Saadawi - right in the heart of the city. They’d like to stay there and carry on hosting talks and workshops on new economics, social justice, ecological limits and transition all winter.

To cut a long story short, they need your help. The best way to do that right now seems to be to petition (nicely) St Paul’s Cathedral and appeal to them to continue giving Occupy London a home.

Obviously a tented village suddenly arriving on your doorstep is a bit of shock, and St Paul’s are currently wrestling with potential health and safety implications - but with will, those are issues that can almost certainly be resolved through cooperation.

Please take five minutes to write to the Dean and Chapter: deanspa (at) stpaulscathedral (dot) org (dot) uk and ask them to support the Occupy London camp.


jay (at) transitionwivenhoe (dot) org (dot) uk

That time of year again (part 2.5)

A quick update on September’s summer ice shenanigans at the Arctic. According the the National Snow and Ice Data Center the season ended a little early this year and the 2007 record minimum for summer ice extent is still intact, but only just. Other data-sets said otherwise (.pdf from University of Bremen). But NSIDC was our measure, Ruth lost the bet and did a dashing turn as a medieval serving wench. There are photos.

Even though the minimum extent wasn’t the lowest ever, this was an interesting year in other ways. The crash in ice extent in 2007 was the result of warming strongly boosted by natural factors such as wind which pushed the ice South into warmer waters. This year those natural factors were doing the reverse and keeping the ice intact - the minimum could easily have been much lower.  And now September is over we can update our graph - the average ice extent for the whole of the April to September summer season (the one that counts) was the lowest since satellite records began - so the all important ‘albedo’ was low and the Solar Radiation Budget (warming) for the region was high.

Just to add to your measure of eco-guilt for this weekend,  not all ice is born equal. Multi year ice that gets a chance to build up when there is less melt at the Arctic is more robust than the single year 'slush puppy' ice that forms in winter following a large summer melt. This year's big melt has left the Arctic ice that bit more fragile and more prone to melt next summer.

11 October 2011

Apple Day - tomorrow Wed 12th

After the amazing success that we had making apple juice for the barn dance, and given the still over burdened branches on trees around we thought we might have a second apple juicing day.

Maureen's offered to host it from 3- 6.30 tomorrow 12th Oct.
Come along and bring apples (and pears), bottles for juice, and particularly labour and company/moral support for the labourers (and i am sure a few biscuits wouldn't go amiss!)
We'll run a sort of communal approach where you get some of the juice if you help with any of the elements.

Address: 5 The Avenue - next door to former Cedrics site, opposite the Co-op.
Tel: 827935
email Ruth for more information : hello-food@transitionwivenhoe.org.uk

Transition Town Wivenhoe Monthly Meeting - This Thursday 13th October

A meeting of Transition folk on the 2nd Thursday of the month.

There will be a standing but flexible agenda:

19.00: Arrive and tea:
19.30: Core business: working group upates, finances, events and new projects
21.00: Specialist interest discussions - email for information or to make requests...

All are welcome - please email if you would like to come along:


A donation of £1 towards meeting room hire would be much appreciated.

27 September 2011

Mount Holly Orchard and Garden Charity Event Saturday, 1st October 2011

This looks like an interesting event, I can't make it but if anyone fancies going it would be good to hear about it:

Mount Holly Orchard and Garden Charity Event
Saturday, 1st October 2011
2 p.m. To 5 p.m.

The environment is under pressure. From oil spills to floods and droughts, our natural world needs an independent voice. To make sure Friends of the Earth have enough funds to take on big polluters, South East Essex Friends of the Earth (SEEFoE) are hosting an open Orchard and Garden Event at Mount Holly.

The Mount Holly Orchard was planted by a Quaker family in the early 1900's.
It contains apple varieties that were planted in Victorian times. It is one of the few orchards growing original Victorian varieties. A number of the varieties have still not been identified. In the course of the restoration, a
new orchard extension has been planted. This extension is entirely made up of additional historic varieties that might be interesting for transitioners and permaculturists as they have long storing capabilities.

Everything available can be tried and tasted. There might also be some original cox apples.

The current owners are self-sufficient and have started a small organic Market Garden. All proceeds from produce and brochures sold on the day will go to national Friends of the Earth.

Mount Holly, Castledon Road, Downham, CM11 1LH www.seefoe.org.uk

On the back of the Southend Victoria Line between Wickford and Billericay.
From Wickford Station, walk along the Crouch or cycle or share cars (Limited parking).

19 September 2011

Matt Harvey gig 21st Sept

The Stour Valley Transitioners have organised a gig with Matt Harvey in Ipswich.

It's at the Brewery Tap on the dockside, when it also happens to be pizza night.

Here's Matt doing a gig in Totnes

It's a free gig, but they'll pass the hat around towards costs :)

13 September 2011

The Effects of Climate Change on Human Evolution

Places available on this new course offered by the WEA (Workers' Education Association)

Date: 19th  September for 10 weeks
Time: 7.30 to 9pm (approx)
Venue: Methodist Church Hall, The Avenue, Wivenhoe (The Blue Church)
Tutor: Fred Boot
Cost: £45 (some fee remission for those on certain benefits)

For all enquiries please contact Vivienne Goldsmith 01206 822178

10 September 2011

Permaculture Design Course @ Apricot Centre

That time of year again (part 3)

Good news, Ruth (at least) has accepted my wager. You'll catch at least one of us at the Barn Dance in fancy dress. Come on Bob, Jo and Claire. And the rest of you.

It's mid September and all eyes are on Arctic sea ice extent as it rolls toward its summer minimum. It's of particular interest to climate nerds because ice is shiny: polar sea ice reflects sunlight back into space, whereas melted sea ice reveals the dark water beneath which absorbs the energy and warms - contributing to Global Warming and driving changes in weather and climate. Change in the sea ice extent is a gauge of change in Earth’s Albedo. I cobbled together the average figures for April to September in my last post (and spelled kilometre wrong) specifically because those are the months of the year where the sun is in the sky, either reflecting off the ice or warming the ice-free water.

image: NASA

Spend much time in the darker recesses of the Internet though and you’ll find someone tell you that ice melt in the Arctic isn’t important because when it’s summer in one hemisphere, it is winter in the other and the sea ice there is doing the polar opposite and growing. Does growth at one pole compensate for loss at the other - are pesky climate scientists alarmists only telling half the story?

It’s a nice thought, but sadly falls foul to another simple physical property - night and day. Sea ice isn’t the only thing to change seasonally. Day length changes too. And at the Poles, it changes dramatically.

Outside the summer months in the polar circles the most you can hope to see is a few hours of weak twilight each day. The sea ice may be growing again, but there’s little effect on Earth's Albedo because there's hardly any light to reflect. At the poles proper the sun doesn’t rise at all for nearly a full six months.

Meanwhile, during the polar summer when the ice is in full retreat...

Video used with kind permission of Michael Becker

p.s. while I’m waffling about a bit of ice thousands of miles away, don’t forget that we're hosting a composting class right here in Wiv at The Station Garden on Sunday Afternoon.

8 September 2011

That time of year again (part 2)

A few days ago I posted a little graph from the National Snow and Ice Data Centre in the US, plotting the Arctic summer sea ice melt as we head toward toward the summer minimum, usually sometime around mid September. It’s tracking tantalisingly close to the 2007 record low.

In truth looking at ice extent for an individual year, while an opportunity for some bet making entertainment, isn’t terribly meaningful. If we do get a new record it could be down to a number of factors, Global Warming will be just one of them. Naturally variable weather can have a lot to do with it too. (The National Centre for Atmospheric Research crunched the data and estimated that between 1979 and 2005 influence is shared about 50:50 for warming vs other factors)

What is significant is the long term trend.

Natural variability can play either way so, while it can have a big effect on individual years, over time it evens out and has little bearing on long term trends. The trend is the warming signal.

So come on Bob, Ruth, Claire and Jo - what say you? I’m going with no new record for Arctic Summer Ice Extent minimum for this year (I’ve no special info, it could still go either way). Losers attend the Barn Dance in fancy dress.

6 September 2011

Compost Master Class Sunday 11 Sept

It's ok, the class is in Wivenhoe but I wanted to share this cutie with you...

Wendy Station Puss is purrusing for a a new head gardener to tend volunteers and vegetables next year. If anyone can help, please contact her via hello[at]transitionwivenhoe.org.uk

WSP will be assisting (she is so busy between naps and snacks) in the Compost Making Master Class at the station garden this Sunday 11th September at 3pm. All are welcome to come and find out more about this essential craft and share their experiences, good and slimy. Call Jo for more info 827649

3 September 2011

It's that time of year again

When it comes to global climate the Arctic is the canary in the coal mine - climate always changes first and fastest in the Arctic circle. Anyone want to place bets on whether 2011 will break the 2007 record ice melt? Results will be in, in time for the Transition Wiv Barn Dance.

26 July 2011

Beetroot Bounty

This season's must haves....

Gorgeous Mary models a sparkly butterfly motif summer top, shocking pink trews and a stunningly beautiful and tonally harmonious giant beetroot accessory.

Now d'you see the point of sumptuous, fresh, tasty, organic, local food?

Station Community Garden
Sundays @ 3pm

11 July 2011

Life in A Day: Saturday at Phillip Rd

See the film 7.30pm 

Transition Wivenhoe are happy to be supporting this screening. If anyone can come and help out on the night, setting out chairs, ushering, packing away etc,  please get in touch, thanks! hello@transitionwivenhoe.org.uk

30 June 2011

Road Casualties at All Time Low!

Sorry folks, this one gets my goat.

Figures released today for 2010 show that the number of fatalities on UK roads have dropped to their lowest since records began. But before we go patting our collective selves on the back, that's still a whopping 22,660 deaths and serious injuries, 2,502 of them children. And that's before counting deaths from related illnesses such as respiratory disease and the really big killer: the effects of sedentary lifestyles.

Dr Ian Roberts sheds some light on the situation below...

11 June 2011

Coming Soon: The TTW Bicycle Library.

Want to try out a kiddie trailer for a day? Or borrow a cargo trailer to haul supplies to and from the allotment? Or how about taking one of these puppies for spin?

This is me, and this is my bike from Xtracycle on Vimeo.

All that and more will be coming to Wivenhoe this summer courtesy of our latest project: the Transition Town Wivenhoe Bicycle Lending Library. Get in touch if you'd like to help make it happen, we'll be very, very happy to hear from you: hello[@]transitionwivenhoe.org.uk

2 June 2011

Elderflower Cordial Anyone?

I've always fancied making my own cordial (or even wine) and the abundance of elderflowers locally has finally spurred me into action.
Join us in gathering elderflowers and then deciding what to make - currently we are thinking elderflower cordial and maybe elderflower champagne.

Meet tomorrow (Fri 3rd) at 4pm by the Station Community Garden.

No experience or knowledge necessary but bring recipes or good places to get elderflowers if you know any.
For more information contact me on hello-food@transitionwivenhoe.org.uk or Jay on 07540 195312

28 May 2011

Show us your Shorts at the Wivenhoe May Fair

Come and see Transition Wivenhoe at the Cycle Powered Sunset Cinema Marquee at this year's Wivenhoe May Fair.

We're teaming up with Wivenhoe Community Cinema Moving Image once again and have compiled a programme with a whopping 6 hours (less a quick break for lunch and a pint) of top notch, locally crafted film - which we'll show using our super-smart cinema system that is capable of showing films to audiences of hundreds with big screen and big sound, all while using a fraction of the energy of a telly - which means we can do it without burning a drop of fossil fuel.

You can also get info on all our other projects food and energy projects too - sample locally made cake, find out how to get involved and more.

The May Fair is really easy to get to (and home again) on foot, bicycle and public transport.

Music Vids featuring Dragon Fruit, Puzzle Factory, Dingus Khan and others...
Hey Ladies

Out of Tune
View from Court 15

Re-Cycle - The Colchester based Bicycles to Africa Charity
Transition Town Wivenhoe - Open Space Workshops

Shorts made by Signals with local school groups

Wivenhoe Taking Up The Arts

14:30 LUNCH

My Tortoise
Human Story
Grey Mist

A film about films made by local schools
The One About The Sheep

Spoilt Broth
Love at the Garden Gate

Wild Man of Wiv

Smack Heads

A Grade Fan
Mother's Little Helper

Download the 'show us your shorts' poster.

Check at the Cinema Tent on the day or tune into Twitter (#transitionwiv) for updates.

19 May 2011

Training for Transition 4th & 5th June places available

Dear Transitioners and other friends,

Transition Town Wivenhoe are offering the chance to do the 2 day Training for Transition at the bargain price of only £10! - vastly subsidised by external funding from Community Alliance.

The course is delivered by the fantastic Transition Network trainers and comes highly recommended by many people, including two of us from TTW who did it in 2009. It's invaluable for those thinking about setting a group up, just starting out, or even if you are already on your way.

The course is at a venue on the waterfront in Wivenhoe, nr Colchester, Essex on Sat 4th and Sun 5th June. Places are available but please get in touch asap if you are interested. There is a £10 deposit payable on booking, returned if you attend.

Wivenhoe is on the main Liverpool St - Clacton line, and we may be able to offer free overnight accommodation if needed. Full joining instructions will be sent out on booking.

hello@transitionwivenhoe.org.uk 01206 827649 (Jo)

17 May 2011

Open gardens preparations - part 2

So preparations continue for the Open Gardens premier of the Station Community Garden (what do people think of this for a name? other ideas very welcome....).
Apart from the continued signpainting, we've also put up a third bean wigwam, but using driftwood gathered from the riverbank (thanks Jo and Jay) which allowed me to harness my mildly artistic side.
The mini scarecrow is also in development, Josh and Glyn enjoyed donating clothes and helping put him together.
So all is nearly ready for this weekend: 21st and 22nd May, make sure you come along and/or sign up to help out and get in touch if you fancy helping get things ready this Friday (20th).

14 May 2011

Open Garden preparations - part 1

Preparation is well underway for the station garden's inclusion in Open Gardens next weekend, we had a lovely day yesterday painting signs and sprucing things up with lots of help from 2 year olds Josh and Glyn.

So are we ready to shine alongside some of the best gardens in Wivenhoe?? - well, as someone who is erratic in my attendance at the gardening Sundays I feel able to comment on the look and state of the garden and I think that we have nothing to worry about: it won't be the tidiest or most developed garden, but does have a lot going on and will be well worth a visit!

Volunteers needed still to be there over the weekend (21st and 22nd May), Jo is drawing up a rota so please mail her: Jo and also we need some more help in getting the garden ready – scarecrow making tomorrow at 3ish, (Sunday 15th) plus bring ribbons and shiny things – and your imaginations!

And of course, come along on Sat 21st and Sun 22nd to check out the garden and hear what we are trying to do.


Transition Talk for Wivenhoe Ladies Group

Last Wednesday we had a lovely evening being welcomed (and listened to with great attention) by Wivenhoe Ladies Group

Bob covered the main ideas of transition (including a very light touch coverage of Peak Oil) and we both talked about our motivation and how we came to transition. For me, it was particularly good to be able to emphasise that it isn't just about dealing with a looming problem of the lack of oil, but also about creating a better world – both in the long terms and now. I really want my son to know that vegetables grow in the ground (not on the shelves of the Co-op), that it is possible to get around by foot/bike or whatever, not just by car, and to be part of a community of warm, caring people. We also explained about the projects of the Food and Energy Groups. 

We had a good turn-out of around 20, and got a lot of comments and questions at the end – including what turned into something of a discussion on the by-laws relating to chicken-keeping in some areas of Wivenhoe – anyone able to shed any light on these or whether they are enforced?

Get in touch if you want us to do a talk for your group.


9 May 2011

Bike Cinema will be at the May Fair!

News Release from the Wivenhoe May Fair Committee 6.5.2011:

Fantastic three stage music line-up announced for 2011 Wivenhoe May Fair

Indie boys Cav Ok and beat, surf, soul and rock 'n' rollers The B. Goodes are just two of the nearly 30 fantastic acts and solo musicians booked to thrill the festival crowd at this year's Wivenhoe May Fair.

The 29 year old free music and arts event, which is run entirely by volunteers, will feature 18 hours of jam packed music ranging from acoustic folk to rock, spread over three stages on the last Bank Holiday in May (Monday, 30 May).

The full line-ups are as follows (subject to possible change):

Main Stage:

Roots Radagon Out of Nowhere

Charley Bird Ady Johnson

Barringtone Housework

Kuru Smile Murphy's Lore

Cav OK

Sunrise Stage (previously known as the Acoustic Stage)

Ghost Train Porters Lou Terry

Drift_ Lady Bird and The Larks Choir

Hot Club Gitanes The Jazmine Ava Band

Three Beards The B.Goodes

Slots for the new Open Mic Stage will be assigned on the day to musicians who turn up on the day to play in front of the appreciative festival crowd. As the slots are expected to be quickly oversubscribed, those wishing to show their talents are urged to sign up with the open mic crew as soon as the festival opens at noon.

This year's May Fair will once again feature the popular Sunset cycle-powered Cinema showcasing the work of local film makers. A full programme will be announced in late May.

The popular beer tent selling real ale from a local award-winning brewery will be back on the field alongside fantastic food and market stalls, circus acts, face painting and other activities for children.

As in previous years the community-based festival, which has raised nearly £30,000 for charities since 2000, will be staged on the King George V Playing Field in the centre of the town.

Reflecting both the ethos of the May Fair and a total absence of parking in Wivenhoe on the day, organisers are also encouraging festival goers to leave their cars behind and cycle to the May Fair where plenty of bike storage areas will be available. Those who prefer to reserve their energy for dancing to the bands are also catered for with trains and buses offering a regular service to and from the event.

To make this year a 'no glass' event, while cans and plastics are welcome and re-cycling facilities will be provided, the organisers have asked that glass bottles are not brought onto the field.

More information about the May Fair is available on the website www.wivenhoemayfair.com, by emailing info@wivehoemayfair.com

Mike Freeman of the Wivenhoe May Fair said: "What a line-up! With three stages and nearly 30 acts this year's May Fair promises to be the best ever."


Media contact:

Ian Barrett T: 07949 422257

E: press@wivenhoemayfair.com

Notes to editors

The Wivenhoe May Fair is a community-based free festival which is entirely run by volunteers. In addition to supporting local music, crafts and visual arts it raises money for local, national and international charities. Nearly £30,000 has been raised since 2000.

Started as a peace festival 29 years ago, the Wivenhoe May Fair still aims to follow that ideal as well as promoting green, organic and sustainable lifestyles.

For more information visit www.wivenhoemayfair.com

3 May 2011

Uni Green Fair Cinema Update

A few quick updates for tomorrow (May 4th) evening's film:
  • You can read a recent interview with the film's cinematographer Yann Arthus-Bertrand over at The Observer.
  • Rowhedge folksters Dragonfruit will keep you and the set-up crew warm as the sun goes down. Turn up early (7:30 to 8:00pm ish) to catch the whole (pedal-powered) set.
  • Weather is set to be fine and dry with a slight breeze, perfectly clear starry sky and the tiniest sliver of a new moon forming (~2 - 3%) as the evening progresses - perfect for outdoor cinema, bring a warm jumper and a rug/blanket to sit on.
  • We show films for free, but we do normally rattle collection buckets - bike cinema runs on a shoe string, but still needs care and feeding and Transition Wivenhoe has to buy teabags and biros from time to time - but tomorrow we'll give any donations to the brilliant and imminent Wivenhoe May Fair.
  • The Uni is easy to get to including by bicycle and bus (we'll finish in good time for buses home to Colch and Wiv). Find us next to the the lake just east of the Lakeside Theatre and Square 5

30 April 2011

Transition Wiv at the University's Green Fair

Come and see Transition Wivenhoe and Transition Colchester at our stand at the University of Essex May Green Fair on Wednesday, May 4th from 10am ‘till 2pm, Square 5. We’ll have demonstrations and info about transition, energy and local food. Our bicycle generators will also be pedal powering a free-to-play Playstation (teaming up once again with local technology recyclers, ML-Solutions).

To cap off the day Transition Wivenhoe and the Revolutionary Bicycle Powered Cinema are transforming the University Lakes into a giant, outdoor cinema for a screening of ‘Home’, the awe inspiring film from the extraordinary photographer behind the Earth from Air series of books and exhibitions, Yann Arthus-Bertrand. If this fine weather we're enjoying holds the combination of outdoor cinema, film and beautiful location should make for a pretty special occasion.

The Movie spins into life at 8:30pm, it's all free and all are welcome.

(If you want to help promote the film you can download our poster pack at: www.transitionwivenhoe.org.uk/Home.zip)

Pedal Power Course, Part 2

Transition Wivenhoe hosted part 2 of our pedal powered course earlier this month which looked in detail into what makes our bicycle powered cinema tick using only ~100 Watts. We also built, christened and test rode a 'What-Watt' machine - a simple device that gives a uniquely tangible measurement of how much energy a cyclist can produce. We'll be using the 'What-Watt' at schools and events throughout the year.

The day drew to a close with a pint and some bicycle powered music on the Quay courtesy of local musician Tim Whitnell.

You can see our bicycle powered cinema in action at the University Green Fair this Wednesday and at the Sunset Cycle Cinema at this year's Wivenhoe May Fair.

17 April 2011

By the way, yes, it is free.

We're getting ready for this evenings big film. A few folk have asked, and I really should have put it on the poster, but yes - it is free, everyone is welcome, it's outdoors in the fresh-air and it's on a giant screen. You don't need to book tickets or RSVP - just turn up between 7pm and 8pm, it'll be great fun, The weather forecast is looking fantastic, we're finishing in time for trains and buses home if you're coming from Colchester, Essex University and elsewhere. lots of people are helping to organise the event so please come and enjoy the movie with us.

6 April 2011

Bike Gen' Building

Saturday’s Pedal-Power workshop at Wivenhoe Bookshop Shed was a success - we learnt how to build simple bike-generators, battery banks and a renewable energy system from recycled parts and reclaimed materials. Of course, the proof of the pudding is in the eating so we headed out in the evening put our efforts into action by teaming up with local tech-recyclers ML-solutions and hosted a cinema-sized, al-fresco, pedal-powered Playstation extravaganza at the King George V skate ramps.

This Saturday (9th April - 2pm - 5pm) we’ll look at how bike-power can (and can’t) be used to get things done and how it can be used to inspire and educate. And there'll be something fun and pedal-powered in the evening too.

Saturday's workshop is free, but filling up fast...

1 April 2011

Big Screen Pedal Powered Playstation - Saturday 2nd KGV

We can still squeeze a person or two into our pedal-power workshop tomorrow afternoon - Saturday the 2nd. If the weather stays fine we'll head onto the KGV field afterwards and set up a cinema sized pedal powered Playstation extravaganza with Wiv based technology recyclers ML-Solutions - eco gamers might like to head to the skate ramps for about 7:30pm...

27 March 2011

Home-brew Seed Compost


3 parts sieved well rotted leaf mould
2 parts sharp sand
1 part sieved garden compost

Mix it all together well and use as seed compost, simple!

Leaf mould: save your leaves/your neighbours, just leave in a heap, or wire netting cage or in tied black bin bags with holes to let in air. Takes from 6 month to a year to make leaf mould.

Garden compost: make from all your veg peelings, tea bags, crushed egg shells, garden waste with cardboard or shredded paper to help aerate and keep from getting too wet.

22 March 2011

DIY Bike Power Workshops - 2nd and 9th of April

Every once in a while Transition Wivenhoe wheels out it's revolutionary pedal-powered cinema (you can come see it in action at the May Fair) and puts on a fun event, like when we teamed up with Moiving Image and screened Ghost Busters on Wivenhoe Quay for Halloween.

We reckon we might have built the world's most efficient cinema, we do big screen and big sound to audiences of a few hundred and less using about 100 Watts of energy – about the same as one of those old fashioned light bulbs – so little that it can be powered by a bicycle and a simple renewable energy system.

Bicycle Power is a great introduction to renewable energy, physics, bicycles, electricity, education, appropriate technology and lots more. Find out how to do it at one of our workshops at the Wivenhoe Bookshop Shed on the afternoons of the 2nd and the 9th of April.

Courses are free (but space is limited) run from the 2pm 'till 5pm and will be followed by a fun activity in the evening. On the 2nd we'll show you how to build your own and on the 9th you'll find out how bicycle power can be used to make things (including brains) whizz and whirl at schools, community events and elsewhere.

23 February 2011

FREE films @ The Uni on Thursdays 7pm

Films run by the student environmental society, LTB 9 @ 7pm and OPEN TO ALL. More info environmentEssex@gmail.com
07868 048843
or Facebook: Environment Society - University of Essex

24/02 Escape from Affluenza
A solution based film to escape consumerism and overconsumption.

03/03 Our daily bread
The film looks without commenting at the world of industrial food production and high-tech farming!

10/03 The Cove
A documentary that describes the annual dolphin hunting operationhttp://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Dolphin in a Quasi-National Park at Taiji, Wakayama in Japan.

17/03 We feed the world
A film about food and globalisation, fishermen and farmers, long-distance lorry drivers and high-powered corporate executives.

24/03 Invisible
A portrait that explores the traditional relationship Inuit have to the earth and gently challenges our Western relationship to science and knowledge.

20 February 2011

Station Garden Year 2

Gardeners Ahoy! It's all happening down at the Station Master's House garden again this year, thanks to Off the Rails getting Network Rail's OK last year - when the garden produced some lovely veggies. Watch the space as herbs, veg and flowers appear over the coming months. Hope Wendy the Station Cat is ready for the invasion...
Contact the food group if you can give any help and watch the blog calendar for work sessions, all are very welcome
The garden will be on show for Open Gardens on May 21st/22nd.

1 February 2011

Age of Stupid - free screening at the University

Age of Stupid: Trailers: Original Theatrical Trailer from SPANNER FILMS on Vimeo.

The must-see film that spawned the 10:10 campaign - starring the late, great Pete Postlethwiate. Free Screening at the University, Lecture Theatre Block 9, Thursday (Feb 3rd) at 7pm. Jointly organised by the SU Environmental Society and the Interdisciplinary Centre for Environment and Society.

29 January 2011

Shiny Happy Leaflets

If you live in Wiv, you're probably admiring the exciting new TTW leaflet that has just dropped through your door along with the Town Council Newsletter. The fun thing though isn't that it's printed with vegetable based inks, or that the paper is sourced from sustainably managed forests, that it's compostable or that it's printed locally by GreenPrint in Brightlingsea - or even that it's promoting us. The best bit is that printers normally have some waste space around the edges of print-runs that they trim off at the end of the process - our new leaflet is printed on the trimmings of a commercial print run that would normally end up as scrap on the print-room floor.

Our thanks both to GreenPrint for offering to help us design and produce the leaflet and to the Town Council for letting us include our leaflet with the Newsletter. Thanks also to TTW volunteers who did the insertion and helped councillors with delivery.

If you're new to Transition Wivenhoe then feel free to browse around our blog to find out the kind of things we're up to - check out the Transition Network website for some background info too. And why not come and introduce yourself at Transition Drinks, at the Station Pub - Monday (Jan 31st) at 8pm.

5 January 2011

Station Master's House Meeting, Thursday

How Could The Station Master's House Make Wivenhoe a More Sustainable Community?

Transition Wivenhoe are running a small 'open-space' workshop in the Wyvern Room at William Loveless Hall on Thursday (6th Jan) evening.

Transition Wiv is in the early stages of negotiations with National Express and Network Rail to explore whether the Station Masters' House building adjoined to Wivenhoe Station can be used as a community resource, and this is our first opportunity to involve our supporters.

Get your thinking caps on around the above question and please let us know if you're attending so we can buy enough tea-bags.