14 December 2010

Domestic Energy Assessments Coming Soon...

The energy assessment scheme that is being run by the Transition Town Wivenhoe Energy Group is beginning to take shape.
Residents will be able to make appointments to have their homes visited by our friendly team who will offer basic energy efficiency advice, and we are backed up by professional experts for more complicated enquiries. We'll install an energy monitor to help discover how much energy is being used and where savings can be made. We should be able to help people save money on their energy bills in the process of becoming more efficient with energy usage.

14 volunteers, most of them living in Wivenhoe, attended a training session delivered by The Energy Savings Trust and Colchester Borough Council. In December we have been practicing by assessing each others houses, and are planning to meet up before Christmas to begin finalising the design of the materials we will need, over a mince pie and a glass of mulled wine! The aim is to launch the scheme towards the end of January.

The overall aim of the scheme is to help residents of Wivenhoe use less energy. At the TTW Energy Group we want to first help residents become more efficient with the way they use energy because this is where the biggest gains becoming more sustainable at a local level. Then we will go on to look at more ambitious and exotic schemes such as using the river to generated tidal power, solar panels and wind turbines.

If you would like to get involved drop me an email at:

or give me a call or text on:
0750 7841158

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