27 October 2010

Juliet's Hens are Happy Bunnies!

Update from Juliet re. her chickens:

Well, I did have 5 chucks but Mr Fox is not only cunning but apparently a latch cracker!! I now have 4 (with plans to increase stock) This is due to the poor design on my new hen house which involved a simple push and turn latch that was fitted so that it slid upwards!! This has been easily remedied by fitting a second latch that works with gravity, sliding downwards – outfoxing the fox!!  This is something that buyers of hen houses need to be aware of.  The great news is that my hens are happy bunnies laying away.  I am getting an average of 3 eggs a day and keeping them is the easiest thing I’ve ever done for such a terrific reward.  I keep a hopper full of food pellets, a bowl of grit and a washing up bowl full of water.  I often throw then a scoop of corn which they love and is very entertaining – boy, can hens run!!  They feed themselves, put themselves to bed and get themselves up (a prime model for my teenage son!) My main duty is to refill the hopper and water every few days and muck out the roosting loft regularly.  I have just been out to collect my eggs and 2 of them are still hot! 

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  1. Well, we've finally taken the plunge and are now the proud keepers of four hens (19-week-olds).
    A beautigul 'French Gray'; a black/gray 'Barred'; a red 'Redco' and a creamy-white 'Amber Star'.
    Their first night in a luxury mansion (an old wooden Wendy-house) - so plenty of space, and one end of the garden to scratch around in. My 7-year-old daughter is thrilled and will probably be awake before the the hens are.
    We collected them this afternoon from Landbase Poultry in Ardleigh.
    Thanks to encouragement from John and Juliet.