24 September 2010

Green Woodworking course in Tendring

Green Woodworking workshop in Essex 24th October 2010


We are planning a course to take place in our 8 acre ancient woodland here in Tendring (Essex) working with green wood with pole lathe, cleaving, bodging etc. The tutor is  experienced woodwright Robin Fawcett (his website - http://www.treewright.co.uk/index.html)

with assistants and the course would be limited to 5 trainees. Cost would be about £80 including lunch and drinks. Let me know if you are interested; chris@ecodiy.org

12 September 2010

Wiv Youth Club needs Volunteers!

Wivenhoe's volunteer run youth club, The Hub, needs more volunteers, click on image to enlarge information and contact them today if you want to find out more about helping out!