31 July 2010

Station Garden Curry!

The overwhelming verdict of the station house garden marrow curry, cooked up by Kaushali yesterday. This has been a much watched and commented on vegetable over the weeks as walkers, cyclists, commuters, garden helpers and station staff have witnessed the little courgette turn into a fine marrow.

Even Wendy the station cat seemed to have an opinion, though perhaps a slightly dim one as she has had to shift her sun bathing spot as the monster plants have slowly taken over her space. Watch out as the winter squash are next to surprise and delight...along with the fantastic sunflowers of course.

Over 40 bowls of veggie curry and handmade rolls were dished up to surprised passers by, a few commuters who made the time to stop and some Station Pub regulars, along with food group activists who set up the stall outside the entrance to platform 1.

Get in touch with Petra if you want to get involved with food group activities, petramcqueen@gmail.com

posted by Jo

19 July 2010

Wild Cherry & Plum (Chum?) Jam

Mwikali made some jam with Wivenhoe's wild cherries and plums and tastings at the Farmers' Market stall last Saturday gave it the 'very yummy' rating...

The Food Group will be running food re-skilling activities starting in the autumn, where you can learn about keeping chickens, making preserves or wild fruit foraging and lots more! If you are not already on the TTW circulation list, sign up now so you don't miss out on news, by emailing info@transitionwivenhoe.co.uk

posted by Jo

15 July 2010

Food Group Meeting

We had a fantastic Food Group Meeting on Monday with new members: Ruth, Michelle and Kaushali. It was great to have their ideas and skills around the table.

Some of the things we are going to do include:

  • a food mapping exercise, headed up by Kaushali.
  • investigate whether we can use council land to grow more vegetables.
  • setting up our stall at the Farmers' Market this Saturday.
  • creating a calendar of events from a chicken keeping talk to a cook-off at the Station Master's garden.

    As there was so much to talk about we've agreed to meet up again in two weeks time on the Monday 26th July. All are welcome, as usual.