18 April 2010

Digging holes and thinking of cake.

Had a great afternoon at the Station Master's garden yesterday. Took Barnaby along, who being five, was greatly interested in digging holes. We put him to work and he planted all of our potatoes and, still keen, dug holes where the tomato plants are going to go.

The grown-ups did a lot of chatting. The weather was beautiful and, without vapour trails, the sky seemed an infinite blue.

Dave from 'The Wivenhoe Society' came to take some of the woodchips, stored in a great pile at the side of the house. When he cut into the heap hot air steamed out which smelt of pine and summer. Barnaby and I put our hands into the pile to feel the heat, and decided it would be hot enough to bake a cake in.

Having no more holes to dig, and hungry after the talk of cake, it was time to go home.

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