31 March 2010

If at first you don't succeed......

It's been a while - as much as it's my plan to simplify life - it is a long term goal, so for now it's still busy busy busy - must keep working on that energy descent plan :-). I can hear you groan when I start to talk about this, so sorry to mention the 'C' word

25 March 2010

Off the Rails (1)

I felt a bit as though I was on a youth offenders’ programme as we began to dig the Stationmaster’s garden. We were on show, out in the community, pulling up turf and turning over the soil.

22 March 2010

A film for Earth Hour, March 27th 8pm

        You are invited to a revolutionary bicycle powered film
        screening on Wivenhoe Quay on Saturday 27th March to mark WWF's
        'Earth Hour',  starting at 8:00pm.

20 March 2010

What a day! (Farmers' Market and 'Off the Rails')

Huddling under the great tree outside the Farmers’ Market, we called to people walking past, “Free seeds here! We’re doing a seed swap.”
“A what?”

12 March 2010

Community-supported Agriculture and buying groups Event

Open Invitation

The NGO Clinic at Essex Business School and the interdisciplinary Centre for Environment and Society, both based at the University of Essex, would like to invite you to the following free event:

"Local Food in and around Colchester: Community-supported Agriculture and buying groups"
Tuesday, 23 March, 7.30pm at Lion Walk United Reform Church, Colchester