30 January 2010

food group

Well, today was our first taste of donning our wellies and getting out into the gardens of Wivenhoe! It's just so nice to get out there and start being physical (I've been such a couch potato :-)
It was fresh but the sun was out and the company was good. It inspired me to get out into my own garden when i got back, and i look forward to doing more of it. I'm actually very much a beginner when it comes to food growing but that's the beauty of it - it doesn't matter cos the pleasure is in the journey - so come along to the farmers market if you want to chat about the food group - to get involved, swap seeds or just to find out what we're doing.

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  1. I had a wonderful morning on Saturday. The Transition Food Group came to my house and helped me lug about a pile of mouldering children's toys , so that a lovely sunny spot was freed up. My youngest had great fun rescuing 115 snails that were discovered lurking under the tarpaulin. The team were fantastic: Jez gave great advice about putting in a raised bed and trailing runner beans, sweet peas and nasturtiums up my fence; Julia (now known as 'Perky Charlie Dimmock') looked fabulous in her gardening gear and cheerfully helped me put my garden to rights, while managing to engage two very wild children in conversation. Thanks to all!! Px