9 November 2009

Transition Wivenhoe and the Low Carbon Communities Challenge

This blog informs about a partnership between Transition Wivenhoe, Wivenhoe Town Council and Colchester Borough Council to apply for funding to implement carbon reducing measures in our community.

Transition Wivenhoe (TW) www.transitionwivenhoe.co.uk have gained the support of Colchester Borough Council to apply to the government’s Low Carbon Communities Challenge. TW have formed a working group and are pleased to have early support from Wivenhoe Town Council for this. The working group are researching and preparing information required for the initial application.
TW formed in November 2008 inspired by the growing international Transition Towns movement. Transition communities take the challenges and opportunities presented by climate change and global peak oil (peak oil information: www.energybulletin.net/primer ) to explore how to reduce carbon emissions and build local resilience.

What is the LCCC (hereafter the ‘Challenge’)?
The Challenge is a research programme seeking 20 communities with populations of up to c.20,000. Up to £500,000 is available per community for capital expenditure on carbon reduction technologies for homes and community buildings and where support for the creation of a wider low carbon zone is demonstrated. http://www.decc.gov.uk/en/content/cms/what_we_do/consumers/lc_communities/lc_communities.aspx
Deadline for applying to be part of the ‘Challenge’ is the end of the year and if successful we’ll have up to a year to prepare a detailed plan for funding approval.

Low Carbon initiatives being researched
To be successful in the Challenge it is recommended that communities pursue a number of initiatives that as much as possible benefit and involve the community as a whole and demonstrate an integration of technologies across the spectrum of potential carbon reduction schemes. The working group are therefore considering several schemes, which have been chosen on the grounds of maximum benefit and relative ease of implementation. The schemes are:
· Retrofitting of homes and community buildings with loft/cavity wall insulation, draught proofing etc. This will have the biggest impact on carbon reduction for the costs involved.
· Micro generation schemes such as solar power and heat pumps for community buildings (eg WLH, Schools or other buildings). It is envisaged that visible schemes on prominent local buildings will show that Wivenhoe as a community is leading the way in carbon reduction, and inspire the community to consider their own schemes.
· Demonstration eco homes and public buildings, providing an opportunity for Wivenhoe residents to learn about schemes such as solar hot water / electricity from other residents that are running them.

Want to get involved?
One element of our application may be to create a network of ‘eco homes’ and run an eco open homes event – a bit like open gardens. Have you installed solar panels/an air source heat pump/a compost toilet /wood burning stove (with/without a back boiler), or other low or high tech energy efficiency or micro generation measures, eg thermal lining for your curtains… or are you thinking about it?
We'd like to come and chat with you and find out more, so please get in touch.
Contact jowheatley@yahoo.co.uk 01206 827649 or bobmehew@yahoo.co.uk 01206 822881

Other options
If this application is not successful, the research and information we are preparing will be used to pursue other ways of delivering carbon reduction measures in Wivenhoe.


  1. I'm impressed! I don't think Clacton is ready yet but anything we can do to help?
    Chris www.ecodiy.org

  2. Good luck with the application! I look forward to a growing sense of community, and in particular i feel inspired to encourage residents of WIvenhoe to come together through food growing projects, whether you have knowledge of gardening to share, or would like to learn about it with others. I see it as a great way to bring our community together and at the same time encourage a more sustainable way of obtaining some of our food. Contact me for more info: Julia = celticmama_45@hotmail.com