27 September 2009

wild food and new friends

Here's a lovely pic of a fruit picking walk downriver at the end of August - blackberries and rose hips - organised thanks to Petra. We talked about jam making, bottling and preserving, rose hip tea and itching powder! Someone mentioned a jam that included 2 different fruits + fresh ginger and a vanilla pod.. sounded delicious. We chatted about the fact that much wild food goes to waste in and around our community and perhaps wild fruit and nut trees can be mapped/earmarked and the produce harvested and shared out next year? Any volunteers?


  1. Hi Jo, the blog looks great! I hope that transition wivenhoe folks will find it a good way be involved, and I personally look forward to reading what's happening in your area.

  2. thanks Mark, looking forward to being linked up with Stour Valley and learning more about blogging, cheers